South Haven Robotics


South Haven, MI

2017 was Ramageddon's fifth year participating in FIRST.

Here you can find details about the team's previous years.

2013 (Year 1)

2013 was the team's very first year. Armed with only a group of lower classmen and a determined coach, Ramageddon got off to a nice start. They won the Rookie All Star Award as well as the Highest Rookie Seed and Rookie Inspiration awards!

2014 (Year 2)

2014's game was called Aerial Assist. The goal was to create a robot that could catch and/or launch large excercise balls into goals. The team did well, earning themselves a ticket to the elimination rounds and nearly winning an entire competition!

2015 (Year 3)

The team's 2015 season pit them against a new set of challenges they hadn't yet faced. The game, called Recycle Rush, involved stacking up totes and trash bins, then inserting pool noodles into the trash bins. With some of Ramagddon's core senior members from Year 1 gone and an ill coach, the team struggled to build an effective robot for this year's particularly challenging game.

2016 (Year 4)

2016's game was called Stronghold. It was a game with a medieval theme that focused on capturing the opponent's tower by launching 'boulders' into it, and on knocking down 'defenses', or obstacles, by driving through them. Ramageddon made it into the elimination rounds of both competitions they played at!

2017 (Year 5)

This steampunk-styled game, which centered around picking up/placing gears on spikes and on climbing ropes, led to one of Ramageddon's best performances ever! At St. Joesph, the team scored more autonomous points than every one of the other 39 competing robots. At East Kentwood, the team made it to the semifinal elimination round and nearly became a finalist!